Calendar of fungi appearance
in the Moscow region, part 3

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Calendar with russian names of fungi

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Page was created 02.21.2003

The Fungi Calendar is based on Yuri Semenov's long-term observations of the fungi appearance in the Moscow region. For the most of mentioned fungi the data published in [1] have been used, for others species I've used the data collected by Yuri Semenov during the season of 2001

- seldom
- not much
- a lot
Ticks on the time axis correspond to the five-day weeks of the month
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Boletus erythropus
Mycena inclinata
Amanitopsis fulva
Russula decolorans
Piptoporus betulinus
Choiromyces meandriformis
Leccinum holopus
Leccinum scarbum f. melaneum
Phallus impudicus
Pleurotus dryinus

Inocybe rimosa
Inocybe geophylla
Inocybe erubescens
Lepista gilva
Hygrocybe conica
Hydnotrya tulasnei
Gymnopilus sapineus
Clitocybe odora
Clitocybe dealbata
Macrolepiota excoriata

Lactarius insulsus
Lactarius controversus
Lactarius piperatus
Lactarius turpis
Lycoperdon pyriforme
Lycoperdon echinatum
Lycoperdon umbrinum
Tremella foliacea
Hydnum repandum
Tylopilus felleus

Clitopilus prunulus
Climacodon septentrionalis
Gymnopus fusipes
Cudonia circinans
Macrocystidia cucumis
Collibia maculata
Coriolus hirsutus
Coriolus zonatus
Laccaria laccata
Laccaria amethystina

Laccaria laccata
Leotia gelatinosa
Lepiota clypeolaria
Lepista sordida
Scleroderma citrinum
Hypholoma sublateritium
Helvella lacunosa
Mycena galericulata
Mycena haematopus
Lactarius vietus

Lactarius fuliginosus
Lactarius camphoratus
Lactarius mitissimus
Lactarius trivialis
Lactarius acris
Lactarius helvus
Gomphidius glutinosus
Gomphidius maculatus
Lactarius volemus
Amanita pantherina

Amanita porphyria
Cortinarius traganus
Cortinarius trivialis
Suillus piperatus
Fistulina hepatica
Pluteus umbrosus
Pluteus atromarginatus
Russula delica
Russula nigricans
Amanitopsis vaginata

(To be continued...)
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